7 Ways To Grow Your Natural Hair Fast

Growing your natural hair fast doesn't have to be hard. Yes, friend, I know it feels like a task, especially if you've big chopped a few times (*raises hand* 5 times to be exact), but take it from me, you CAN grow your hair.

Of course, everyone's hair grows at different rates. Factors like genetics, health, age-range, and even gender can play a role. But to save you all the sciencey stuff behind hair growth –– and so you don't get discouraged –– there are some things you can do. 

Speeding up the process might not make your hair grow like rapunzel overnight, but it will encourage your natural growth cycle and allow you to retain the length. 

As you're reading, think about what you're already doing and what you can add to your regimen. 

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is especially important if you want your hair to grow. Why? First off, water makes up 60% of the adult human body, and without proper hydration, our cells and organs can't function at optimal levels. If you aren't getting enough water in your body, your skin cells will dry up, leaving you with a flaky, dry, and itchy scalp. 

The goal is to create the healthiest environment for your hair to grow. But dehydration can exacerbate other scalp ailments like dandruff or eczema. 

You might think you're drinking enough water already, but stress, health issues, exercise, and the environment may require you to drink more.

We suggest carrying a gallon size or half-gallon size water jug like this one, and adding some herbs or favorite fruit to spice things up! 

Oil Your Scalp

Oiling your scalp with the right oils can help promote natural hair growth in a variety of ways. But, this also depends on the type of hair oil you are using. 

There's a difference between penetrating hair oils and sealant hair oils. Penetrating hair oils move into the hair strand itself, moisturizing the strands from the inside out, whereas sealant oils sit on the strands, helping to "seal" in moisture. 

Different oil blends, like our Almond & Castor Hair Growth Oil, should have either penetrating and sealing oils or one type of oil, depending on your hair needs. It's also crucial that your hair oil has essential oils like Rosemary Oil, which is scientifically proven to prevent hair loss caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 

Disclaimer: Do not try to blend your hair oils at home without a proper understanding of each oil function and use. Essential oils are very concentrated and can lead to skin irritation if misused. 

Massage Your Scalp

Scalp massages are a treat, and they're also known for stimulating hair growth. Have you ever had someone massage through your scalp and almost fall asleep right then and there? You can recreate that same feeling multiple times a week, massaging your scalp with oil.

Whether you're using a scalp massage tool, or your fingers, aim for massaging your scalp during every wash session or every oil session. 

What's the best way to do it? If you are massaging with your fingers, rub oil on your fingertips or oil your scalp first, then take the pads of your fingertips and firmly press on your scalp, making circular motions. Move around to the base of your head, temple, edges, and the crown. 


Getting your body moving doesn't always mean a two-hour sweat session at the gym. 

If you're a busy parent or running a business, sometimes you just don't have the time for a lengthy workout. No worries –– there are other ways you can get your body moving.

Try these:

  • Yoga session at home
  • A 10-minute walk with weights
  • Quick workout on YouTube
  • Dancing to your favorite songs
  • Housework 
  • Play with pets or kids

Being active helps stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp and improving circulation. Even if it's for 10-minutes a day, a little goes a long way! 

Protective Style 

Not all protective styles are created equal. Some people wear braids, wigs, or weaves, while others keep their hair in up-dos, twists, or buns. Whichever you decide, the purpose of this type of style is to protect your hair from constant manipulation. 

What is manipulation? It means touching your hair in various ways that could tear weak strands, pull on already fragile edges, and damage ends.

Protective styling gives your hair a break -– but it doesn't mean you get to neglect your hair. It's the perfect time to give your hair some extra TLC by incorporating more scalp massages, oiling, drinking water, and exercising. 

Think Positive

Mindset can make or break your natural hair growth progress. You might be taking all the necessary steps to promote hair growth only to realize that your hair isn't growing at all. 

Why? Because you envy someone else's progress, and every time you look in the mirror, you say something like "ugh, I feel bald" or "I can't stand how I look."

Whether there is science to back this up or not, most of us know where there is faith, there is growth. It's not to get too spiritual or woo woo, but it's time to start thinking positively about your hair.

Write down a few affirmations about your natural hair and post them wherever you get ready for the day. When you look in the mirror, think of those affirmations. Our Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Hair Fast includes a section with affirmations and a visualization guide to help you think positively about your goal! 

Take Your Vitamins

While diet is essential to how your body functions, sometimes we don't get all the nutrients we need. Taking a hair, skin, and nails vitamin can give your body a helpful boost. They're packed with powerful biotin and folic acid levels, which is great if you aren't already getting enough in your diet.

If you've ever asked a friend why their hair and nails are growing so fast and they mention a vitamin they're taking, you know why.

But how do you know which vitamins to take? It depends on what your body needs and your overall diet. But we recommend trying one of our favorites by Country Life.

Are you ready to start taking your hair growth journey seriously? What's stopping you from reaching your goals? If you are READY to start today, click here.

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